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This is my first jungle book fanfic and ive been wanting to do something like this for ages. Kaa eats mowgli 4 by voredisintegration mowgli was now completely hypnotized and cradled in kaas coils. We see from mowglis hypnotized pov as kaa twists and coils his body, which seems to morph into a beautiful. It was originally scheduled for release in 2002, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the second jungle book by rudyard kipling, but the rapid decline of dtv films forced disney to make a quick, rather cheap film. The jungle book fan theories, hiddensubliminal messages in the animated disney. The junglebook running away from fear mowgli love story book jill.

The jungle book all media types, the jungle book 2016, the jungle book 1967, the jungle book rudyard kipling, the jungle book 1994, disney all media types not rated graphic depictions of violence, major character death, rapenoncon. Alternate ending to kaa and mowglis 2nd encounter by. Kaa coiled mowgli s head stuck and kissed his neck og little behind the ears. I do not own jungle book tribute to fellow deviant.

Little do they realize that theyve actually chosen the most dangerous tree to climb. Bagheera had found mowgli in the jungle as he was a little baby, and he was lying in a broken boat by the lake under a white blanket in a basket. In kaas hunting, bagheera and baloo enlist kaas help to rescue mowgli when the mancub is kidnapped by bandarlog monkeys and taken to an abandoned human city called the cold lairs. Yes i like the first jungle book movie better because of the way kaa hypnotized mowgli with three colors of the rainbow but they should have done all the colors of the rainbow reply. Kaa and mowgli forever by pasta79 on deviantart mowgli. But will mowgli realize the extent to shantis feelings for him.

Mowgli s face started to show a little smile and wasnt so sad anymore. Once kaa got mowgli s head in, it was smooth sailing from there. Ranjan is one of the main characters in disneys the jungle book 2, sequel to the 1967 hit the jungle book. Jungle book kaa jungle book mowgli jungle book king louie jungle book baloo jungle book bagheera jungle book hypnotism hypnosis. Groovy the martian halloween full episodes hypnotized kid by a witch cartoon for kids nursery rhyme duration. Kaa is able to hypnotize mowgli again and sleepwalk him into his coils while singing the song trust in me. Introduction during the monsoon season, a human baby has been stolen from their parents tiger sherhanom.

He is an enormous snake with an equally large appetitespecifically for mowgli the man cub. First introduced in the story kaas hunting in the jungle book, kaa is a huge and powerful snake, more than 100 years old and still in his prime. Disneys liveaction jungle book has found its mowgli. I love this film and especially this sketch where kaa hypnotises mougli. But none of that existed to mowglithere was only his throbbing member, his masters touch, and that wonderful hissing voice that made him feel so good fassster now, mancub, kaa whispered. On the otherhand, i thought it didnt had much details from the original book written by rudyard kipling. Also, due to the violenterotic nature of certain scenes, i am definitely not sending it to disney.

Kaas most dangerous attributes are his hypnotic eyes, which he uses to seduce unsuspecting prey and lure them into his jaws. So youd come and spend the day with me in the jungle. He would always prefer the jungle to the mans village, the jungle where he had grown up, his home and most. Recently released a journal saying he is allowing anyone to redo. The jungle book porn comics, cartoon porn comics, rule 34. Kaa released mowgli s head and coiled the arms together, so he had more access. Cum swallow, straight, xray, deepthroat, masturbation, blowjob. That afternoon mowgli was sitting in the circle of kaas great coils, fingering the flaked and broken old skin that lay all looped and twisted among the rocks just as kaa had left it. Thankfully for him, kaa is right there to set everything right for mowgli and the panther guardian with the help of the mother of all snakes. But none of that existed to mowgli there was only his throbbing member, his masters touch, and that wonderful hissing voice that made him feel so good fassster now, mancub, kaa whispered. Luckily, mowgli and his friends are here to save her.

He then hypnotizes mowgli again and the mancub is wrapped up in the snakes coils. The result was and is widely considered a great disney film, the best and perhaps most original animated. An alternate ending to kaa and mowglis second encounter from the jungle book. Once he is hypnotized, kaa plays around with mowgli s body, repeatedly tickling him all over. The jungle book centers on an orphan boy named mowgli who grows up in the jungle, raised. Kaa massages rouge by snakeythingy rouge the bat, hypnotized, tweety, bliss, pikachu. Tender loving control, a jungle book fanfic fanfiction. If only hypnosis was that simple but maybe you need the magic eyes for real hypn. Kaa is a human male who seduces a young boy named mowgli and things take a twist. Ranjan is very energetic and is interested by life in the jungle. Shanti is a minor character in the jungle book and the tritagonist in the sequel.

Shanti hypnotized 27 by montey4 on deviantart a newfound motive the fanfic by syfynut on deviantart adult barefoot black hair bottomless coils comic dark skin. I want to be your pet, please take me to the jungle as your pet. The mowgli stories in the jungle books end with mowgli driving mowgli out of the jungle and back to man in order to seek out his place in mans world. Thus mowgli could return to his true home was the forest, and could also live with his dearest friend, that yes it was killing two birds with one stone. Breasts butt buttjob coils constricting constriction hypnosis hypnotism hypnotized jungle jungle book kaa kaa the python kaa the snake male prey mowgli sex shanti snake snake coils snake constrict snake constriction snake vore the jungle book. And so prior to mowgli getting hypnotized, kaa toys with mowgli, claiming to the mancub theres no way he can look out for himself. Please help me like and share this videos, and dont. I am a massive fan of kaa and anything hypnosis, snakes, nagas or jungle bookrelated. It has only been released on dvd through rewards of disneys movie club. Raksha also appears in the computer animated series the jungle book, voiced by prudence alcott. Imagining mowgli had not yet been hypnotized, kaa had a little fun by nodding his head up and. And when kaa discovers the young girlcub for himself, just who will form a relationship with whom. In kiplings books, kaa was mowglis wise mentor, akin to baloo and bagheera, and was. He seems to like tigers, shown by the fact that he continuously tries to roar like one.

Mowgli was as excited as a child who gave him a puppy, with the difference that this time he was the puppy. In the anime jungle book shonen mowgli, raksha appears like in the book, except she is renamed luri, has a more important role in the storyline, and becomes the eventual leader of the wolf pack. After seeing some of the other kaa stories out there, im eager to make one of my own. Bagheera had warned baloo to keep watch over mowgli while he did some hunting, but of course, after a whole afternoon of goofing off around the stream, mowgli was bored and had succeeded in. See more ideas about kaa the snake, art and deviantart. Feeling betrayed, mowgli runs away, deep into the jungle where no one can find him or so he thinks. Kaa wrapped his tail around to the back of mowgli and use his tail to push mowgli further into his mouth, enveloping all of mowgli s head, his cheeks, his nose, his hair, all of it. Walt disneys the jungle book get ready for walt disney pictures new big screen take on the rudyard kipling classic with our jungle book trivia guide. It was the scene where kaa, the snake, was hypnotizing mowgli to make him an easier meal. Mowgli walked slowly to the entrance of the village and took a large pitcher of clay to fill. Mowgli moves in with messua, a village woman, who gives him a loincloth because he reminds her of her dead son. Friends in high places mowgli stormed through the jungle after his latest runin with shanti and had the most furious expression on his face. Mowgli is a human cub who first appeared in rudyard kiplings the jungle book.

The hypnotized mancub was beginning to breathe harder, moans echoing freely through the jungle night air. Deep down, mowgli always missed kaas hypnosis, though he did not want to acknowledge it. According to rudyard kipling, he had intended for mowglis name to be pronounced mow rhymes with. In a bid to start a new life with mowgli, shanti runs off into the jungle to find him. Slip into silent slumber sail on a silver mist slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist.

Baloo waved goodbye as mowgli ran off through the jungle. Ive just watched the new jungle book movie, mowgli. She is voiced by mari yokoo in the japanese and kathleen fee in the english dub. Bare necessitiesmowgli danced happily, happy to feel so good. Kaa is the secondary antagonist of disneys 1967 animated feature film, the jungle book. So, watched the film first then read my version of the story.

But shere khan plots to get mowgli kicked out of the pack, and bagheera advises mowgli to live in the village of men. Up in a tree high above the jungle floor, kaa the snake blinked his large yellow eyes. Mowgli, the teenager of 18 years old,had found his place in the jungle, a true friend who was willing to help him a friend who didnt judge him, nor wanted to send him away, a friend who understood that his home was the jungle. Mowgli remained obvious, even as saliva dripped from kaas fangs on to his forehead. The jungle book 2016 rainas story lynnajens1 adventure romance april 15, 2017 raina is the fifteen year old sister of the man cub mowgli. Then for fun, kaa breaks the hypnosis on mowgli, then hides to be reintroduced to him. I must assure you readers that they will be spoilers. Select rating give the legend of the white ape and the snake 15 give the legend of the white ape and the snake 25 give the legend of the white ape and the snake 35 give the legend of the white ape and the snake 45 give the legend of the white ape and. Mowgli grows into a naked boy, getting accepted by the wolf pack and trained in the ways of the jungle by baloo. He also does not like it when he cant stay up past his bed time.

Mowgli becomes a 16 year old, pubescent teenager reluctantly following the footsteps of dying mentor antagonist shere khan and coming into the murky world of exotic fashion. Mowgli smiles yet again and kaa puts his tongue back into his mouth and concentrated his mind onto dr. The kaa and mowgli encounters in the first jungle book were in fact amazing. May 1, 2017 ariel and mowgli under kaas spell by tightlywrappedcoils. Kaas little pet chapter 1, a jungle book fanfic fanfiction. What its like to have a hypnosis fetish narratively.

The little boy took a flat and black balloon up from the blanket, and bagheera got aroused by watching how the baby began to blow life in the little balloon that got larger and larger by each blow. We begin with mowgli and bagheera climbing into the safe refuge of a tree for the night. Mowgli becomes a pet by mowglitales fur affinity dot net. Mowgli the positioned his hand to squeeze kaas dick as well.

She is mowglis village friend and possible love interest who was voiced by darleen carr and later by mae whitman. He kissed and teased mowgli s nipples, rewarded with soft moaning. Especially because ive seen them tell about kaa getting a hold of mowgli, shanti, bagheera and even shere khan but only one ive seen with ranjan. Mowgli replied almost as if he were a boy who is asked if he likes candy. Romance october 27, 2017 dark ages arise, when a boy named mowgli and his panther friend bagheera find a. In the rukh tells how mowgli finally found his place, and imho is absolutely vital to a true understanding of the character and the stories, since all the rest were written in order to explain. Ariel and mowgli under kaas spell by tightlywrappedcoils jungle. The 19th entry into the disney animated canon, released on october 18, 1967 based on a collection of stories of the same name published around 1893 by rudyard kipling, disney found the jungle book and loved at least some of its ideas, so they chose it for one of their animated adaptations. Kaa had very courteously packed himself under mowglis broad, bare shoulders, so. When mowgli gets really annoyed, kaa seizes the opportunity to hypnotize mowgli. Mowglis story was a 1998 directtovideo film from disney.

The serpents lair other stories kaa surprises mowgli. Wolves, led by their leader akel rescued the child and took him into the pack. Im having a real mood here, so this is going to be a long one. It was all he could do to keep himself from doing something to his crush that hed surely regret, especially in the man village of all places. I really enjoyed watching the film, it was a good movie. One day in the jungle, shanti ends up having another encounter with the hypnotic python. My speciality is roleplaying as the seductive serpent but i also love to play sub and i am generally up for roleplayingchatting about any of my interests.

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